Friday, September 3, 2010

Back In The Saddle

My former clinic contacted me recently, asking if I'd like to come on back and work with their new cancer surgeon in the OR. Why not? I've missed it. Much of it. Some of it.

So today was my first day back at the hospital where I'd spent over twenty years, and many of the people I knew were still there. Hugs all around from some my favorite nurses, a couple of whom ran down the hall to see me. Handshakes from former colleagues. It felt good. Walking the corridors, I could easily imagine no time at all had passed. Anesthesia turnover hasn't gotten any faster. They have a larger supply of large scrubs, in sizes too big even for me.

I remembered that shoe covers go on the outside of shoes, you wash your hands before you put on the gloves, put on the mask before you wash your hands. Did nothing to embarrass myself. I could still place a stitch, tie a knot, dissect adhesions off a liver. So that's good.

It's been a long time since I'd been part of a liver resection. Got to witness a tool I'd not seen, a Habib radiofrequency unit. I assume they don't let things with that name near ground zero. Wouldn't be respectful.

Long cases are still long cases, back and knees still hurt. But it was fun. I believe I was more help than hindrance, so I think I'll do it some more. Standing, as I will be, on the wrong side of the table, I'm not expecting it to produce much fodder for my favorite blog.


  1. Nice to know you've still got what it takes, huh? ,Have fun!

  2. Good for you Dr S!

    They're fortunate to have you.

    Enjoy! :)

  3. Just what I want, a pre-Alzheimers Surgeon holding 500 Megawatts in his shaking hand....
    and everyone was too embarassed to tell you it was supposed to be a lap Choly....
    Just wondering, do you have to keep the Metzenbaum Scissors on a what do they call those thingies,??? Lap Stands???
    And I did some research, the "Habib" was developed in ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!
    ummm maybe that Socialized Medicine's not so bad...
    And very Surgical of you to only give Anesthesia the back of your hand, YOU try snapping open 20 vials of Fentanyl without cutting your thumb...
    And if you turn over the room faster, you just get more cases added on, I get paid by the Hour, Bee-Otch.
    And no mention of the "Line Isolation Monitor"??? Do you even know there IS a "Line Isolation Monitor"??? Or what it does?
    OK, I don't either, something electrical, but if it goes off, thats Bad, ummm Kay???
    Seriously, those RF units put out some serious power... at the VA the lights would even dim in the OR, just like one of those old prison movies...

    Frank "Goin to Dragoncon" Drackman

  4. Welcome back. I hope you'll find it enjoyable.

  5. Yeah, that was for you, Frankie. The guy was in the room for two hours... two hours... before we laid knife to flesh. In fairness, he was a very large guy. Took about eight attempts and two gassers to get an a-line in, same with a central line, finally done by the surgeon. I don't have any idea what the rest of the OAFAT was, though, as I kept stepping out to check my email.

  6. Sort of like riding a bike? (And you've lost none of your other talent for finding hilarious photos to go with the post)


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