Monday, September 6, 2010

Vested Interest

It's one thing, I suppose, to feel the need to wear a bullet-proof vest when you speak at Abe Lincoln's feet. It's a bit of another to brag about it, to use it as some sort of proof of your fantasies.

Because the thing is, if I look outside and see the sun is shining and decide nevertheless to carry an umbrella, I guess you could say I'm only being cautious... even if there isn't a cloud in the sky and my iPhone weather-radar app shows no clouds within a light year. But were I to go up to everyone I see and tell them that the umbrella is proof of the unpredictability of weather, well, I'd assume most of them would paste a neutral smile on their faces and move away very deliberately. Backwards, so as not to lose sight.

As usual, it leaves me wondering if Beck is truly insane, or just the world's most successful seller of snake oil. I think it'd speak more highly of him if it were the former, make it more honest. Can't make it a positive for his flock, though, either way.

I'd also suggest that the people at a Glenn Beck rally of the sort who'd shoot someone for speaking his or her mind would be aiming out, not in.

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