Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh, Crap!

I think I just figured something out. Blogger has made some tweaks to comment controlling, including a worse-than-nothing spam filter. I still get plenty of spam comments which I have to mark as spam. But that's not my point.

The thing is, there's also a new page that lists all comments that have been published. Being hemi compulsive, I've cleared that page a few times, thinking it just freed up space in the records. Little did I know that it does more than just deleting them from the record: it seems to delete them from the post in which they had appeared, going back who knows how far. I just deleted two weeks' worth a moment ago, with the stroke of a key. Damn.

Which must explain why I've been asked a couple of times how come comments didn't show up. Sadly, it appears I've removed several before today, as well. Sorry, Frankie, among others. It was unintended, and now that I know the problem, it won't happen again.

Apologies to any and all.


  1. Damn Sid, your so deep in Alzheimers D-Nile, you'll be in some crocodiles gizzard before this gets published...
    Admit it, you were probably All Over Nixon's Case when his secretary "Accidently" erased one of his Watergate Tapes. And don't say you dont remember, OK, you probably don't, but I was only 10 and I remember it, cause Tricky Dicky was the first President I remember, and I even had an autographed Tricky Dicky Photo(Right next to my Un-Autographed JFK Photo, who my Mom, even though she voted for Goldwater, George Wallace, and MacGovern her first 3 elections, idolized, cause she was from Berlin and loved that whole "Ich bin ein Berliner" thing, even if it was gramatically incorrect) and a Tricky Dick Wristwatch, but when that whole 19 minute gap thing came out, I knew the President was either a liar or a technological klutz, or worst of all, both, and I became a Democrat...
    Umm not really, we moved to California, and Reagan did a 3 minute commentary on the radio every morning, and I thought HE was a Democrat, until MY first election in 1980 when I almost voted for Jimmy Carter by mistake.
    Ummm yeah, I did a little acid in the 70's.
    Much better now though,


  2. Yeah, well, the difference between me and Rosemary Woods is that this is what she had to do to "accidently" erase the tapes; and this is what I did.


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