Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The Bush tax cuts, which have so devastatingly plunged us into debt -- debt, by the way, over which teabaggers and the RWS™ and every R in Congress are apoplectic -- are set, by design, to expire at the end of this year. By design. By law. The way George Bush, guided, as we now know, by God, intended.

Congressional Rs are determined to stop any and every action Obama and Ds propose. They're even planning to replay Newt's greatest hit, the shutting down of government. How can we address the deficits if Rs continue to raise alarums about it but steadfastly refuse to take action? What's a Congressional D to do?

Answer: nothing.

NOTHING. Why all the machinations about Obama's plan, Bush's plans, getting something done, when doing nothing takes care of the whole ball of tax? Go home, run for reƫlection, spend your time running away from health care and President Obama. Don't do a damn thing, and everything will be okay, just the way G and G planned. It's perfect. They, it turns out, were perfect. Because by doing nothing -- at which Rs have become absolute experts -- taxes revert to those of the Clinton era, deficits disappear. Gone in the trash, tossed like a breakfast teabag. And, like teabaggers after Glenn Beck, budget balance will follow without a further thought.

So, what's the problem? All Congress has to do is not a goddam thing.


  1. Sid, Pretend your on the stand, under Oath, and with your practice spanning 2 Milleniums and 6 decades, I know you've been there, I mean I have, and my practice only spans umm 4 decades.

    Dr. Schwab,
    "Did you benefit financially from the Bush Tax Cuts? Please answer yes or no"
    and may I remind you your under Oath.

    and its perfectly OK to take the 5th,

    Frank M.D. Wannabe Shyster

  2. An excellent question, your honor. Had you asked it, say, four years ago, I'd have said, yessir, I did. It's when, like the rest of Americans, I was benefitting from the credit card Bush gave me, saying go ye and spend, and don't bother to read the fine print. I was, yessir, fat and happy.

    Then the piper asked to be paid, the markets crashed under the weight of poor policy, deficits (whats's that? Objection? I hear you: but HIS were unjustified and deadly. Obama's are the price to fix the carnage), and I lost half my savings in the market crash.

    So, your honor, my best and most honest answer is, with respect, they fucked me out of a comfortable retirement and left me spending most of my monthly money supporting my ivy-graduated kid while he's back in school, having lost his job during the Bush-caused crash. Fucked me royally, sir, and my family. On my honor.

  3. What part of "Answer Yes or No" do you not understand?
    My favorite after a long convoluted question with multiple clauses and theoreticals was to ask the guy to repeat the question:)
    OK, its cool, I understand the whole World Salad thing.
    "So Dr. Schwab, since 2006 have you been paying Taxes at the Clinton Rates you long to return to? And that means 15% instead of 10% on the first $43000 for a married couple filing jointly?"
    Its cool, I don't pay more than I have to either,

    Frank "I deduct Viagra as a business Expense" Drackman


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