Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Seems the only person who claims John Kyl and the rest of the Republican obstructionists of START have America's interests at heart is Barack Obama. The rest, including the most credible conservatives, are mystified. As well they should be:

In an attempt to rally bipartisan support for the treaty, the White House has enlisted the kind of GOP foreign policy wise men that Lugar exemplifies -- among them former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and James A. Baker. But they have had no success with members of their own party, and it has left them scratching their heads over the source of the GOP opposition.

"It's not clear to me what it is," said Brent Scowcroft, a former national security adviser to President George H.W. Bush who noted that this START treaty is not very different from previous ones negotiated and ratified under Republican presidents. "I've got to think that it's the increasingly partisan nature and the desire for the president not to have a foreign policy victory."

This is no small observation. Scowcroft, one of the more respected Republican voices in the national security establishment, is noting, on the record, that he suspects his own party is putting their partisan interests above the needs of the nation. The underlying point of an observation like Scowcroft is that he sees his Republican Party putting petty partisanship above national security.

We're in the process -- to use a phrase that was given the Foxobeckian distortion treatment recently -- of handing back the keys to the guys who drove us off a cliff ("into a ditch" is way too mild.) In all things -- including national security, most amazingly -- they have no interest in the national interest. Only their own. It couldn't be more clear, or more sickening. Respectable Republicans who speak out (and there aren't many) are tossed overboard.

What will always remain unclear -- except, perhaps, to galactic historians digging through the rubble -- is the self-destructive and delusional mania of the voters who returned them to the front seat.


  1. Quick!!!!!!!!!!!
    Whats the only Nation with a functioning Operational Anti Ballistic Missile System??
    And you'd think there wouldn't be any since the "ABM Treaty" was signed 38 years ago, by that War Mongering Richard N. Nixon..
    Israel? Nope, Iran? Nope, North Korea, no way.
    And the US shut down its last and only site during the Gerald Ford administration.
    Thats right, the Worlds only current ABM system is Russia's A-135, which they'll be getting rid of in a few years.
    Well "Getting Rid" of in the sense that it'll be replaced with a new and improved one.

    Jeez, am I the only one who does any friggin RESEARCH??!?!?! Had to correct you on your states theoretical income tax bracket, which y'all won't even have, cause y'all are so much more ed-jew-ma-cated and voted it down...
    Frank "Dr. Strangeglove" Drackman

  2. No, Frank, the reason Washington State Proposition 1098 failed is because the wealthy here and their ignorant Tea Party sycophants advertised everywhere, "No Income Tax!" instead of the more honest, "No Income Tax for the Very Wealthy to Offset Your Tax Burden." Had our populace been educated, they would also have understood not only that their property taxes would go down, but also that our business tax on revenue, the so-called B&O tax, would have been eliminated for small business, thus creating jobs.

    The top 2% of the US population owns 50% of common stock and growing steadily. How much wealthier should they become? You have drunk the Kool Aid in that you believe that any attempt to mitigate this is... what, communism?, despite the fact that common sense, and traditional Republican values, dictate that social mobility is a public good: the smart and ambitious from every walk of life should succeed, and rich ignoramuses should be parted from their money. Instead, social mobility is collapsing.

    If you and yours have your way, the already crippled estate tax will be eliminated too, and we will have an honest-to-god aristocracy. If your last name is Walton or Mars you will have a birthright. How much more undemocratic can one get, and how much further from traditional Republican values?

    Speaking of Nixon, he actually implemented price controls, you know, which would induce apoplexy amongst you all now. Eisenhower would be sickened by today's Republican Party.

    You and your kind are the picture of a reactionary. You have no goals or ideals for a better society; your philosophy is rather that everything liberals want is detestable.

    Bring it. Bring the word salad. I note in advance however that Ted Kennedy's weight, alcoholism, and responsibility for Kopekne are irrelevant here.

  3. Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam...
    ummm so howcome your poplace isn't ed-jew-ma-cated??
    and the Death Tax comes back with a Vengeance January 1st, 2011, as do the Clinton Tax rates y'all loved so much, if Congress doesn't get off its kiester.
    Funny how my Dad's gone into hiding, its almost like he thinks I WANT some of his millions he's squirled away like Montgomery Burns...



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