Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sarah Says No

I found it pretty amusing that the teabaggers seriously asked Sarah Palin to run for RNC chair. The woman who resigned an easy governorship of an oil-rich socialist state two years into her first term in order to ride her faux (pronounced "Fox") populism to multimillionairehood? She'd take a job where she'd have actually to work? Every day? Face the press, often? Become conversant on policy? Hell no, she said, in a hurry. Because she doesn't like to ask people for money.

If anything tells you (assuming you're among those to whom it wasn't obvious from the beginning) of the enormous con-job that is Sarah Palin, and the willing suspension of critical thinking by her followers, this is it.

RNC chair. Working for the aggrandizement of others than herself. Giving up her book tours. Lowering her profile to work behind the scenes. Making something not about her.



  1. I wish MSNBC and even this site would quit posting anything about anything she does. I do not care if Fox thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread because I do not watch Fox News. I like coming here but we all need to face the fact that Sarah baby will become a nobody again once we quit feeding the troll. I actually can live my life without one word from Beck, Limbaugh, Oriley, and Hannity and even one second of fox news. Who cares if 20 percent of America views Fox News and all there right wing crap. I don't. I come here to get my left wing thinking and frankly I love this site. I only have one question and I can not find a tea bag site to post it so maybe you can help me. Where can I go and post the following: The GOP is pushing for another 900 billion added to the debt and not one Tea Party person has spoken except Michelle Bachman and she said quote: Sometimes we have to vote for things we may not like...

    I love how I say the tea party as nothing more than a way to get power back to the GOP but the old tea baggers actually thought they were making a difference. How is that trickle down thinkgy working out for you tea baggers now?

    Jim in savannah, ga

  2. Sid,

    I like hangin' out here too- it's like having breakfast with a like minded bud. It's confirmation and affirmation etc. (cept for the more than occasional obnoxious narcissist neighbor by the name of Frank, that always knocks on the door to brag about himself.)

    But I've had my fill of Sarah too. I don't like gagging over my morning coffee.


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