Thursday, December 16, 2010

One Of The Good Guys

I've been challenged to say something nice about a Republican. After an exhaustive search, I've finally found one worthy of commendation. This guy, the above guy, willing to sacrifice himself, again and again, to expose, as it were, the dastardly homosexual agenda.

And the more he does it, the harder it gets...

The fact that the video is a parody does not change certain central truths about the above, and the anti-equality movement in general; and there's nothing funny about it. Insane, sure. But not funny.

Time and again, the loudest agitators against homosexuality turn out to be homosexual. And, not coincidentally, religious. Preachers, not rarely. What a toxic mix: self-hatred based on biblical literalism. How devastaing to know who you are, having been taught to hate it, based on made-up stories. Like believing the earth is a handful of thousands of years old, believing homosexuality is a choice, a deliberate affront to god, requires a nearly unimaginable amount of ignorance. In the sense of ignoring.

It's being said that repeal of DADT is a mere one vote shy now, in the Senate. Meaning, like so many other important things in the last two years, it could fail with an overwhelming amount of approval.

In a world of thoughtful people, it would pass unanimously.


  1. Wow, that's a loaded post... Ha!

  2. Sid Sid Sid...
    Most of my Conservative buddies..
    Umm OK, I don't have any buddies, but IF I did, they'd be like me, totally cool with Same-Sex-Sex...
    as long as it's Girl-Girl or Girl-Girl-Girl, or Girl-Girl-Girl-Girl etc etc...
    its an Affirmative Action thang, Lesbians have been opressed for Eons, so they need a few thousand years to catch up.

    and I'm not as old as yew, but did Truman get Congressional Approval to intergrate the Military?? Probably not, since he couldn't even get a watered down Civil Rights Bill supported by Congressional Democrats. He just Decreed it, like pardoning the Thanksgiving Turkey or declaring Jessical Alba's Ass a National Treasure...

  3. Sid, I think you may have been Poed.

    Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, 2008-2011 Jim Burton, Vice-Chairman Susan Klimek Buckley, Chairman Scott K. York, Sally R. Kurtz; Kelly Burk, Stevens Miller, Eugene Delgaudio, Andrea McGimsey, Lori Waters

    Jean Sniffer?

  4. Uh, Pieter, you may have missed the part in the post where I said

    "The fact that the video is a parody does not change certain central truths about the above..."

  5. "may have"?

    d'oh! < facepalm >


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