Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Rather than keep adding to the previous post, which might get missed by those who've already read it, I'd like to say, separately, that I just watched the President's news conference regarding the tax compromise. (The video is now available and is at the bottom of this post.)

I still like the guy. I'm less upset than I was. And I defy anyone who still repeats the Foxian meme that he can't speak without a teleprompter, or that he's an America-hating Muslim terrorist socialist Nazi, to watch it and defend their position.

He says he has the next two years to make clear the impact of the Republicans' intransigence on their disastrous positions. If he doesn't, we're screwed. There's no doubt -- and no objective way to refute the idea -- that the greatest danger to our country are the teabaggers and the dimwitted and self-interested politicians they've enabled.


  1. When it comes to pundits, I'm still erring on the side of Sullivan as opposed to Krugman/Rich, aware that I'm mostly made up of hope with that. I've always been a passionate reader of "backstairs at the White House" (and campaign) books, and it can't help but make me feel we either trust the guy to do the best he can with what he's got, or not, because we can't know the details. This is almost impossible to defend and always sounds pathetic (particularly when it comes from the other side, of course *chagrin*), and I definitely hear your worry and disappointment. I just hope for the best, I guess. I haven't been surprised at all by Obama, just surprised at those who expected something else. This is who the guy is. I'm grateful for that, too. He's going to screw up and he's in a horrible place, but I'm declining to wring hands at the moment. I'm giving him the benefit. It's not a job for sissies, at any rate.

  2. Agree with everything you said, Chuck. I predicted from the time of the campaign that Obama would get at least as much flak from the far left as from the far right. It's laughable that the Foxobeckians paint him as an extremist.

    But I did find the tax thing hard to swallow, because it seems the Ds are so right and the Rs are so wrong and the vast majority of the country agrees. And yet the Rs prevail; probably, in part, because they don't really care about the effects of their tax policies and never have. They have their make-believe about it, and no facts will make them change.

  3. I'm startin to like Him a little better to Sid,
    2% cut in FICA? thats like a whole month's private school tuition!!!
    and I'm not bein sarcastic, thats real money, that my wife will just spend on something else, I mean, recycle into the economy.
    And you can send yours back to the IRS if you feel guilty.
    Or send it to ME, I'll recycle it back into the Economy...
    and by "Economy" I mean the Deluxe Massage at Madame Natasha's Adult Relaxation Emporium...
    Umm and I know you probably couldn't see it with your inferior LCD-"Big" Screen, seriously, 42 inch screens are SO 2005...
    Obama WAS using a teleprompter, the kind built into the podium, which you'd recognize if you'd given a presentation this millenium...
    And I never understood the whole "Telepromter" thang, I use cheet sheets all the time, saves me untold hours NOT having to schlep back in the house for my keys, and the embarassment of setting off my high-tech alarm-security system (damn thing's LOUD)
    and as long as my tax rates don't go up, He keeps killing A-rabs in A-rab-istan, keeping the others in Git-Mo, and kicking Homos out of the Military, I might even vote for Him, especially if the Repubiclans nominate Huckabee or Romny...


  4. So if Obama now supports tax-breaks for the rich-rich-rich, doesn't that mean that the Republan will now have to oppose them and demand taxhikes?


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