Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Had A Dream

My wife likes to tell about tribal cultures that recount their dreams to each other. I forget why they do.

Anyhow, here's an actual dream I had last night. Were I to tell it around the fire, while the shrinking heads were boiling, there's no telling what would happen.

So there I was with Todd Palin.

We were doing guy sorts of things, fishing maybe. Outdoorsy. Getting to know each other, becoming buddies. I liked the guy, and he liked me, it seemed. At some point I noticed he had some newspaper clippings, containing letters I'd written to the editor. (For some reason, the paper was The Oregonian, the paper with which I grew up but to which I've never sent a letter.) They were partisan, of course, but not particularly inflammatory; this, anyway was the incepted assumption. But I assumed that he'd soon be reading my blog.

I think there was some conversation about it; in any case, the dream ended at an airport, I think, where we were saying our goodbyes. I told him it'd been great to know him on a personal level, he seemed to imply likewise, and there was the knowledge that when he got home he'd be checking out my blog.

I figured I wouldn't be hearing from him again.


  1. Jeez Sid,
    you have some messed up Dreams...
    and you know damn well you didnt really dream that, seriously, such detail? Its like when I dream that Jessica Alba's giving me a lap dance, I don't remember what song was playin....
    and this whole Sarah Palin thang's a trick, you don't hunt, so you wont understand this, but it's like "Baiting a Field" where you put a bunch of Corn in a field so the Deer will come out in the open.
    Y'all are gonna waste your loads on poor ole Sara, and by the time the real candidate shows up you'll be shootin blanks...
    or maybe Obama will just get Lung Cancer and even that yahoo Mississippi Governor could beat Biden..

  2. I had a dream that God came down to earth and moved anyone named Palin to a Planet called Liar's Paradise. Then he wiped out any memory of the Palin Plague that has infected the earth.
    And then as God was flying off into the sunset he looked down and saw Frank Drackman sobbing and said "All is well with the world"

    Jim in Savannah, GA

  3. Sid, on this one I have to go with old Frankie. Something goin on here with you and Sarah ??


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