Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This little item hasn't gotten a lot of reaction, but I think it might be the most important thing to know about the people well on their way to becoming (even as the ashes have yet to settle on their last effort) our leaders. While teabaggers are busy calling Obama a fascist, the people they've put into power are actually being Soviet-style fascists. By that I refer to the so-called Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, appointed by Congress to find out what the hell happened, and to make recommendations. That it broke down on party lines isn't surprising; neither was it unpredictable that, in their zeal to blame everything on government (and poor people) and to give bankers a pass, Republicans would want to dilute the report. It's how they went about it that's so revelatory, and it ought to be deeply, deeply disturbing to everyone. Especially those America-loving conservatives we keep hearing about.

Republicans on the committee demanded that certain words not be used -- not be used!! -- in the FCIC report. To wit, and believe it or not: "derivatives," "deregulation," "Wall Street," "shadow banking," "interconnection." Interconnection?? Unbelievable! Deriviatives. Wall Street. Struck from the report, if those guys would have had their way. That's like talking about sex without referring to male or female. Or being screwed.

Fortunately, in a rare example of not caving to crazy, Democrats refused; so the Republicans are issuing their own, separate, report. With no inclusion of the banned terms. Blaming the entire debacle on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and borrowers. Not mentioning Wall Street's role at all. How much credence would you give a report on New Orleans and Katrina that didn't mention water? Or the federal government?

No, this post isn't about the financial crisis. It's about the fact that supposedly serious Republicans would actually demand the elimination of certain words. They were perfectly happy to censor the work, to rewrite history, to turn an important investigation into a lie, for their own purposes: namely, the preservation of the myth of their economic wisdom. And, certain of their audience, to be public about it!! Shameless. But of a piece.

Are not hallmarks of totalitarianism -- of which they (falsely, clearly) accuse President Obama -- the censoring of truth, the manipulation of news, demanding control of message, banning discourse? The dishonest management of the public's view of history? What is this, if not a perfect example of hiding the truth to maintain a lie? Something for which the Soviets were deservedly famous.

Everywhere you look, the evidence is overwhelming and undeniable: these are deeply dishonest, agenda-driven ideologues, with not the least interest in the common good. Their respect for voters is miniscule; their respect for truth is non-existent. Want the final proof what they're about? Listen to the about-to-be (thanks to teabaggers) chairman of the House Financial Services committee, Spencer Bachus:

"'In Washington, the view is that the banks are to be regulated, and my view is that Washington and the regulators are there to serve the banks,' he said.

Any questions?


  1. Ummm this post is such a great example of....
    umm OK, I've read it over and over and still can't figure out what your point is.
    Oh yeah, Repubiclans are censoring language, sort of like how the President (Peace be upon Him) won't call "Terrorists" "Terrorists" and keeping tax rates the same theyve been the last 10 years is a "Tax Cut"
    Seriously, in your Icy Surgeon Heart of Hearts, aren't you glad that 10% Marginal Rate isn't goin up on Saturday???
    Or that 25% to 28? Or that 35% to 39.6%???
    Oh yeah, sorry, forget about that last one..
    But seriously, if you wanta go back to the Clinton errror rates just let me know, and I'll match watever you pay.
    Umm for the 15% bracket only, I've got private school tuition to payfor...


  2. In the words of our youth, Right On, Man.

    Right. On.

  3. how the President (Peace be upon Him) won't call "Terrorists" "Terrorists"

    The words "terrorist" and "terrorism" are used seven times in that one four-minute statement.

    Don't you ever get tired of lying, Frank? It seems as though it's as automatic as breathing to you.

  4. We have always been at war with George Orwell. Not only do Repubs on the financial inquiry commission want to avoid doubleplusungood words, so do the Repubs in the House, who have announced they'll rename the Labor Committee the Workforce Committee, because, aw, you know, "labor" sounds so commie. -- MAN MKE

  5. It is mind numbingly difficult to believe. Here is an interesting take on the continuation of the tax cuts.

    What is it going to take short of a greater economic disaster to gain people's attention or more importantly their understanding of what is happening?



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