Saturday, December 4, 2010

We'll Miss You, Alan

Some of us, anyway.

(And, yes, I remember what I said about him before. Doesn't mean I won't miss him.)


  1. Sid,
    don't take this the wrong way, cause I'm a fellow MOT(a term which I'd never heard before until your blog), and I have a "Support the Mossad" bumper sticker on my awesume New(Used) 2008 ZO6 Corvette, and I did jigs when Anwar Sadat/Yasser Arafat/Sadam Hussein died,
    and if you call the JDL hotline, good chance it'll be one of my buddies answering the phone...

    Allan Grayson makes me ponder, if only for a fraction of a Nano-Second, that Hitler had the right idea.
    I mean, murdering 6 million Jews was umm at a loss to think of the right word, what ever that $5 word for "Really Sucky" is that you learned at Harvard, especially since a few of my relatives were part of the 6 million.
    But Allan Grayson is a pathetic peace of shit, and I don't use that phrase very often, unlike you with the T-word.
    I mean, he couldn't even beat that creepy Christian Dude after cut and pasting his words to make it look like he said women had to submit to husbands/
    Maybe it's his Eyebrows, tax THOSE bad boys...
    and did you know he's a LAWYER, in fact, if Hitler had only gassed Lawyers, he'd have won.

    OK, I've vented enough, thanks for spoiling the Greatest Day of My Life, my Auburn Tigers making it to the BCS, where there gonna beat those Oregon Beavers like Ike beat Tina...

    Frank :)

  2. Frank, if reading Sid's blog can spoil your day, why do you do it? My quote-of-the-day widget today popped up the Einstein classic, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

    Physician, heal thyself.

  3. Frankie-

    The explatives you use in your description of Grayson (and others, including myself) are probably useful in describing yourself. My Einstein quote-of-the-day widget perfectly describes your mediocrity: "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

    And BTW- it's the Oregon Ducks.

  4. Ducks, Beavers, either one would get disemblowed and eaten by a TIGER!!!!!
    and If Einstein was so smart.....
    OK, he did have a few good early years, but he phoned it in after "Zur Elektodynamik bewegter Korper" which I've read in the original German where it actually makes sense(the umlauts change everything)
    Seriously, in German "Schwul" without an umlaut means "Hot, Humid" while WITH the unlaut it means "Homosexual", or maybe it's the other way around,its easier just to avoid the word alltogether.
    and Einstein didn't even SAY that, check out "Snopes" it was Bill McMurray on "My Three Sons", the one where Uncle Charley got arrested for helping the Cub Scouts with there merit badges a little TOO much...
    and I like to Eat, and Drink, and have Sex, eventhough the outcomes the same every time, I have to take a dump, piss, and a Viagra, is eating/drinking/having sex Insane???
    and since Hitler attracted violent Opposition were Churchill and Roosevelt "Mediocre Minds"????

    HA! hung with your own rope,



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