Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is intriguing. An organization, calling itself "No Labels," has sprung up with the stated purpose of eschewing the hyper-partisan self-interest, the screaming at each other, that passes for politics nowadays. Were it to take hold, gain some influence, set the tone for real problem-solving when we need it most and are getting it least, I'd have to quit blogging.

A fair trade, I'd say.

The Opportunity of Shared Purpose

No Labels does not believe we need to search for better values or principles.
The solution is even simpler: we must return to the essence of our beliefs. Most Americans in the vital center of our still great country believe that:

  • Americans are entitled to a government and a political system that works – driven by shared purpose and common sense.
  • Americans deserve a government that makes the necessary choices to rein in runaway deficits, secure Social Security and Medicare, and put our country on a viable, sound path going forward.Americans support a government that works to spur employment and economic opportunity by encouraging free and open markets, tempered by sensible regulation.
  • Americans want a government that empowers people with the tools for success – from a world-class education to affordable healthcare – provided that it does so in a fiscally prudent way.
  • America should be free from discrimination and should embrace the principle of equal opportunity.
  • America must be strong and safe, ready and able to protect itself in a world of multiple dangers and uncertainties.

  • The No Labels movement was born out of support for these shared goals, and we are committed to helping our nation remain true to these values that we all profess in an environment, which encourages fact-based discussions.

    The sound you hear is the teabaggers and the congressional Republicans saying "La la la I can't hear you" while stamping their feet and falling on the floor in the supermarket aisle.

    There's no question a movement like this is needed, and is exactly what I've been writing about here. The antithesis is the current iteration of the Republican party and its teabagging substrate, as well as its screaming propaganda arm known as Fox "news" and its radio sidekicks. Some will say it also includes the Democratic party; I'd aver the facts say otherwise. They've been trying. Weak-kneed, overcomplicated, solicitous, yes. But trying.

    Meanwhile the Rs promise -- literally -- to become even worse than they've been.

    WASHINGTON – Senate Republicans intend to block action on virtually all Democratic-backed legislation unrelated to tax cuts and government spending in the current postelection session of Congress, officials said Tuesday, adding that the leadership has quietly collected signatures on a letter pledging to carry out the strategy.

    If carried out, it would doom Democratic-backed attempts to end the Pentagon's practice of discharging openly gay members of the military service and give legal status to young illegal immigrants who join the military or attend college.

    This was, by the way, immediately after the meeting with Obama, following which he said he was encouraged. Like Charlie Brown believing Lucy and her football, yet again. Sigh.

    So the grownups are congregating elsewhere. Will they gather influence? Will they be heard?

    The sound you hear is me, saying "I doubt it."

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    1. Psstt.. Sid, your showing your age, nobody under 50 knows the "Charlie Brown kicking the Football" thing anymore.
      OK, I do, but I'm almost 50, and I liked that noise Charlie Browns teacher made when she talked, the "MWA WAH WAH WAH MWA"..and I knew I was really old a few years back, when my youngest daughter used that MWA WAH WAH sound effect to mock something I was saying, and she didn't even know the origin of it, or who "Snoopy" was, much less "Lucy"...

      that'll scare the Russians..
      Good thing no one reads your blog except me, you'd make Barney Frank Bust a Nu..., I mean Bypass Graft.
      And can you believe I almost passed Gas for Rep Frank when he got his Bypass at Bethesda Naval??? He was in Room 9, I was in Room 8, ahhh the fickle finger of the OR scheduler...
      and supposedly he swallowed that 9.0 ETT with absolutely no gag reflex what so ever...
      Of course 8 mg of vecuronium will do that.

      Don't know what number you'd give this one but...
      Ummm maybe "1,000" which will be the number of American Servicemen killed in Iraq/Afghanistan since his Barak-ness assumed the throne 2 Ramadans ago..
      Funny, you dont here much talk about the Iraq/Afghanistan death count anymore, I guess since all the combats troops are gone, only place I could find it is some obscure web site called "The Obama Death Count" which strangly enough, is more to your side of the Political Teeter-Totter..

      Gotta run, some Surgeon is saying "MWA WAH WAH MWA WAH WAH WAH"...



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