Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Look Up "@sshole" In The Dictionary

If you want the definition, start by looking up "Congressional Republican." For these are the guys who, senatorially, blocked money for 9/11 first responders -- yep, the people the very thought of whom brings tears to their collective eyes, who went toward the disaster to which Republicans refer in patriotic self-reference unceasingly, especially when campaigning.

No act of disgrace is too hard to follow for these guys. As their tears replenished, not to be outdone by their counterparts across the hall, House Republicans blocked a bill aimed at prevention of forced child marriage. Forced child marriage. They're for it, evidently. (Their reasons, as you might expect, had to do with the horrible possibility that some of the funds might go to groups that support family planning, even, perhaps, abortion services. Yet the bill passed the Senate unanimously, with no objections from such hard-core christianists as Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn. Even diaper-boy was a co-sponsor.) Some of the Republican sponsors of the bill caved to pressure from their asshole leaders and joined those who voted it down. Sponsors. Voted no.

Referring to the 9/11 responders bill, Mike Huckabee, on The Daily Show, first complained that it should have been a stand-alone bill, and blamed Democrats for playing games. It was a stand-alone bill (which tells you all you need to know about Huckabee in particular, and the nature of Republican debate in general). Then he claimed Democrats had politicized it. Unable to say how, he left the subject when it was argued that they not only hadn't, they should have.

That episode of The Daily Show had more to say, powerfully, about the shameful Republican Senatorial behavior.

Too busy shoving each other out of the way to get the next Sarah Palin interview, none of the networks covered the story. When Fox "news" mentioned it, barely, they neglected to mention who it was that blocked the bill. Twice -- the second time being after Shep Smith watched The Daily Show. Isn't the Republican obstruction a central part of the story? Not to Fox "news."

Which network was the only news source actually to cover the story in depth?.... Al Jazeera.

Liberal media? What a joke.

So. For their usual partisan and selfish reasons, Republicans block two humanitarian bills that ought to be no-brainers. Christian, even, if I don't repeat myself. And they get away with it, in part, because no one knows. Because the actual news media are disgracefully cowed by the constant cries of lameness and liberalism from the right, and because the house organ of the right wing deliberately denies and distorts coverage.

Which, of course, is entirely consistent with the fact that in yet another study, we find that viewers of Fox "news" are the least well-informed, the most misinformed of followers of any network. It's not the first we've heard of this, so there's no surprise. And the more they watch, the less they know.

[Same shit, different day: in yet another move designed to embarrass President Obama at the expense of our nation, McConnell has puffed up his already more than puffiness and announced his opposition to the new START treaty. Raising phony objections not of concern to every former Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, and experienced diplomat from the time of Reagan (of whose original treaty this is mainly a continuation), he pretends to be worried despite having all his (and Kyl's) debunked objections addressed. And, of course, he tosses in the usual and tired jamming-it-down-our-throats nugget. A treaty worked on for years, discussed for months. It's politics of the worst possible kind. Which, by definition, means Congressional Republicans in action.

Assholery of the first order. Enabled and abetted by a bunch of clueless teabaggers, who neither care nor understand the poison they've been peddled.]


  1. I'm confused, weren't most 9-11 first responders employed by the City of New York? What, New York City doesnn't/didn't provide Health Care Coverage to first responders? heck even Wal-Mart does where I come from...
    And don't wanta tell the Emperor he's nekkid (southern for "Naked") but I've met a few of these "First Responders", cause quite a few have retired, and moved to the A-T-L to get away from New York's miserable weather and high taxes, or maybe they like that you can buy guns at your local convenience store with no background check, and it's perfectly legal.
    Where was I? Oh yeah, Atlanta, or more accurately, an upscale Suburb, and I could take a 3 wood and hit Michael Vick's old place, anyway, most of these retired First Responders will tell you what a scam there so called disabilities are, did an anterior cervical fusion(the sleep part) on one the other day, and you know how he hurt his neck???
    Good, cause I don't, doesn't effect what size ET tube to use, but anyway, he asked....
    "When can I play Tennis again???"
    and I just shrugged my shoulders and told him to ask someone who cared, I mean, his Surgeon, and it turns out, THATS HOW HE HURT HIS NECK. Playing Tennis, you know, cause he's so disabled and everything.
    What I'm tryin to say, using 2,000 words like you do, is I've yet to see a 9-11 first responder who's really sick. Oh sure, a few might have bronchitis, and I know Jehovah's smited a few with his Cancer stick, thats what Jehovah does, otherwhise you'd have 300 year old people driving 40mph in the left lane...
    But I'll extend the hand of friendship, and there's no joke buzzer or stink finger involved.
    Ever had a Gas Passer give you the "Stink Finger"? I'll bet you have, even if you don't know it...
    I agree, McConnell looks like a Weasel, acts like one too, and I'd almost consider playing footsie with him in an Airport men's room just to get rid of him.
    There, I gave in, now lets here you say something nice about Dick Chaney.
    And I'm doing a "12 days of Jessica Alba" bit on my Blog, you know, instead of the "12 days of Christmas" with those stupid Jumpers jumping, and Pipers Piping, I've got 12 days of Jessica Alba. Might wanta check it out..


  2. If you're interested, here's a NEJM study that indicates just how pervasive WTC-related health problems are among emergency responders--and by extension, just how scummy are the people who voted against helping them.

    - Molly, NYC

  3. Sorry, Molly: Frank's never seen one, so NEJM must be wrong.

  4. Oh Yeah????????
    "So's your Old Man"!!!
    and jeez Sid, I extend the open hand of friendship, and YOU give me the stink finger...
    Molly, I don't think you wanta play the NEJM card, and I knew this Internal Medicine Attending who pronounced it "KneeJam" and used to photocopy articles that I threw away, and he never understood why everyone smirked when he called it "Kneejam".
    Well, I used to get Knee Jam, they wouldn't stop mailing it to me, even after my free trial prescription ran out, and I can pull KneeJam articles proving Estrogen Replacement protected Women from Heart Attacks, Vioxx was perfectly safe, and Thalidomide is just the thang for that pesky morning sickness...
    OK, even if I accept your premise that 911 first responders caught some strange illness, why doesn't there New York Employee Health Coverage cover them???
    Hmmm? Hmmm? Hmmm?

    Frank "Still got a 1988 Issue of KneeJam as a doorstop" Drackman

  5. Okay, Frank. I apologize. In the interest of extended hands, may I gently and humbly, with the greatest respect, suggest you follow the fucking links!!!

  6. Jeez, Sid, I guess someone didn't take his Namenda last night...
    OK, I skimmed the article, cause I'm int he OR and have to check the monitors occasionally, but the study seems "Sketchy" at best, first of all, you as a surgeon know how un-reliable/useless Spirometry is, heck, my FEV1's not what it was in 2001, and I wasn't anywhere near Ground Zero..
    Umm actually, I was about 10 miles from the Pentagon that day...Hmmmm
    and not my 40 pack year smoking history...(much better now, thank you)
    but I'll give it a more complete reading when hell freezes over, I mean tonite.
    and seriously, if Gays/Lesbians/Transsexuals can join the Army/Air Force/Navy/Marines why can't they donate blood??
    I mean without having to lie on that Red Cross form where they ask if your a dude who's had sex with a dude (even once!!:) since January 1st, 1977....

    Frank "ABnegative" Drackman

  7. Actually, Frankie, I was referring to the links in my post, one of which was an interview with some first responders, in which the issue of why they're not covered by state/city insurance was raised, and answered. In brief, they're not. Why? Because they got sick.

  8. Frankie is too busy posting pictures of a 12 year old Jessica Albas ass- too busy indulging in his pedophlic fantasies to worry about following legitimate topic links or really meeting 9/11 first responders- who he clamins to really know. The shit is getting deeper Frankie- bordering on criminally wacko.

  9. Thanks for the insight Cory; so that's why the DrekMan is always going on about 12 year-olds - I often thought it was a little weird how he projects pedophilic fantasies.

    Jessica Alba; who knew?


  10. Umm Cory,
    the "Jessica Alba Ass" photo was of a Perfectly-Legal-in-all-57-States-20+-year-old-Jessica,
    which you should know, clicking on it so much...
    and Eww-Gene, if you wont talk about my Jessica Alba fantasies, I won't talk about you buying a pair of McCaule Caulkin's used underwear...
    and howmany part-time jobs give Full Medical Coverage?? I'd like me one of those..
    see how annoying THAT IS?!?!?!?

    C-C-C-C-C-ain't W-W-W-W-Wd just get A-A-A-A-A-long,

    gotta run, Blood Drive today...



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