Saturday, October 25, 2008

Now She's Gone TOO Far!

Has Sarah Palin no remnant of decency? Is there no line she won't cross? Fruit flies??? FRUIT FLIES?? Now it's personal.

Fruit flies are my friends. Fruit flies got me into medical school. Fruit flies allowed me hours of goofing off I'd otherwise have had to spend taking more college credits. Fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) taught me how to get up at two a.m. to run to work. (The little buggers fornicate within hours of birth; separating them before the love-fest is essential to maintaining chromosomal purity.) Enough, woman, ENOUGH!!!

In college I was a biology major, focusing on genetics. My honors project, "Intra-allelic recombination at the RUBY locus in Drosophila Melanogaster," is the stuff of legends in the old bio building at Amherst. (Well, if that's true, it's because when I presented it, I dedicated the work to Ray Charles "who predicted the very results I'm about to present, when he said, "They say, Ruby you're like a dream, not always what you seem..."

Replaced largely by viral and bacterial genetics, the venerable fruit fly still has its place, an important one at that, in genetic research. While not as fast as bacteria, generations come rapidly enough to allow study over time that would be much longer in other animals; and the phenotypes (the outward manifestation of various genes, ie, the "ruby" eye color) are easily identified. Fruit fly genetics has an honored place in the history of modern biology, and still belongs in the mix of important and promising research.

So, Sarah Palin, I say to you in all sincerity: before you shoot off your mouth, spend a dime on a science advisor as well as your makeup artist. Shut up, good madam; in the name of reason and rationality, stick to what you know: nothing!!! Nothing at all. Good day!


Frank Drackman said...

Hey Sid, we have something in common! I bred Fruit Flies in College Genetics also, and remember the Ether you had to use to sedate them so you could do a post-coital census? Man! does that stuff burn good. OK I know I'm setting myself up for the obligatory Southern-Inbreeding insult, so take your best shot! And dude, Sarah's really gotten under your epidermis hasn't she? Oh yeah! Amherst?!?! aint that a Girl's School??? and go ahead, Censor me, I dare ya,

MedZag said...

Maybe she was reading up on the Wnk gene.

Emily said...

I predict that Palin will end up in Hollywood with all its celebrity and glamour hosting a right-wing Oprah type show, with its huge wardrobe budget and other perks. And she'll be the darling of the noisy conservative crowd, her theme being to discredit every move made by President Obama. And I predict that the left leaning TV producers will forget their liberal proclamations and trip all over themselves for her favors. And they'll all make a lot of money. *sigh*

Frank Drackman said...

Only Talk Show Palins gonna be runnin is NSC meetings, I'm tellin y'all McCains got it in the bag, 285/253, and thats not only the Electoral Vote count, it'll be close to Sid's BP the early morn of November 5th :)

Anonymous said...

I wanna be in the front row when Frank Drackman chokes on all those crows he'll have to eat on Nov. 5.


Health Train Express said...

Are there any fruit flies in Alaska?

Sid Schwab said...

HTE: good question. They do have mosquitos the size of small birds. That I can say from experience.

Ellen Kimball said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Frank Drackman said...

Hey Ellen how did you get those fetal pigs back in the 50's? from some shady back alley Swine-abortionist?? I don't buy that Mendelian genetics crap, my Fruit Flies must not have read the book, cause there numbers never came out right. And I've seen black babies born to 2 caucasian parents, happens more often than you think. And what did your mom do to warrant a Scorpion sting?

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