Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fan Club

Who knows what exactly to make of this, but it certainly fits with what I've said many times: the "War on Terror," as constituted by George Bush and trumpeted by John McCain -- and, most specifically, the invasion of Iraq -- has done more for al Queda than they could possibly have dreamed. 

As they watch from wherever, living in whatever, their glee must be hard to contain: the US is bogged down in two wars, their own strength is increasing, and our economy is in the tank. As to the latter, I'd guess they see the expenses incurred as a result of our misguided war as a prime factor. Keep it up, they must be saying: we're bringing you down and all it took was three airplanes. You've done the rest to yourselves; and, if we're lucky in the election, you'll continue to do so. Go, Johnny, go.


  1. Sid
    Thanks for the post of my "neighbor" from Temecula, about ten minutes down the road... I have been looking for a picture of this guy...who became known as one of the American El Quaida. Now I can put it on the underside of my toilet.... a very nice likeness...


  2. Sid, thats standard weaponry in Atlanta, someones gotta make sure you Yankees don't invade again. I don't think like an A-rab very well, but I think theyre like the guy who just got punched in the mouth and says it doesnt hurt. Is it just me or has it been a while since a 767 detoured into a skyscraper?? And all of the money "Wasted in Iran" most of it is pay for the troops, which would have been paid anyway. True, they don't pay Income Taxes when they're in Iraq, but I'm sure BHO will take care of that nonsense, if he was to win, which he won't.
    Peace Out, Frank

  3. Hi Dr. Schwab
    I'm providing some comic relief here. This is a real guilty pleasure. It shows just how Bush and McCain can be one in the same.

    "McCain's Incredible Two-Headed Transplant"

  4. Got to your Blog via Pallimed. I'm a dyslexic Nuclear Med Tech that was discuusing the discust of McCain / Palin supporters.

    Thought the only way you would support them is to be a Millionaire, and/or a racist.
    I then blurted out with a Dyslexic
    overtone: "just say NO to Pain and McCalin." ????? It works, I want royalties for the bumper sicker!

    Be Well,

  5. Of course they support McCain....radical Muslims hate apostates even more than they hate the rest of us regular kafir.

  6. Hey, scalpel! Nice to see you again. Really!


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