Saturday, October 18, 2008

Now We Know

Why the phony outrage over ACORN and registration fraud? (Reminder: false registrations do NOT lead to false voting!!) It's Three Card Monte. Don't watch what the other hand is doing.

All across the country, while trumping up ACORN anger, Republicans are systematically purging voters from the rolls. It's not surprising: they've been doing it for years. But the scale is increasing, the diversions now more necessary than ever. As Fox news screams about fraud of no consequence, they -- and nearly everyone else -- fails to notice the real danger to democracy.

These are the people who are pro-America? They haven't a clue what America really is.


  1. My husband is a legal resident of Ohio and is legally registered to vote there. He got de-registered a couple weeks ago and called and raised hell about it. The lady who answered the phone said lots of people have called, just bring your ID and a utility bill and your vote will be counted.

    I hope she's right.


  2. I'm confused by your comments--why do you attribute the purging of voters to Republicans?

  3. Hey Sid, looks like Dick Cheney "Purged" your Video

  4. Frank: thanks. I went to an undisclosed location and got it back. Dick says "hi," by the way.

    anonymous: mainly because it's virtually always R's who do it. Here's another video. And here's an article which includes reference to and article in the WSJ. For decades, it's been Republicans, far more than Democrats who attempt to purge voters. Democrats try to sign people up.


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