Friday, October 31, 2008


This is Ken Duberstein, Ronald Reagan's Chief of Staff. He announced he's voting for Obama. Along with Bush's press secretary, his Secretary of State and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and these other well-known and/or influential Republicans...

Probably they all hate America, and pal around with terrorists.


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  2. The above comment added nothing worthwhile to the discussion.

    I will say,though, since it was brought up in that comment, that the outcry over Khalidi is another desperate and manufactured outrage. When one reads up on the man -- and I say this as a person of deep Jewish heritage -- he's clearly a moderate and a thoughtful man, respected by both sides of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. But there's the problem: a man of moderation with complex views on complex issues is ripe for criticism from those unable to provide the same.

  3. The latest to criticise Palen is Lawrence Eagleburger. He supports McCain, but emphatically believes Palen isn't ready for prime time. But with time and a lot of hard work she might do an "adequate" job. Now that's an endorsement.

  4. And then he realized that Barack Obama is far less prepared than Palin — and he offered an apology to Team McCain.

  5. Yeah. And what do you suppose made him realize it over the course of a few hours? Sobered up? Or maybe he heard from McPOW. Get squeezed much, from the campaign? Position in the government threatened?

    And he didn't exactly refute himself on her foreign policy cred, saying she'd have the master to learn from. The master who's been wrong on pretty much every foreign policy issue of late.

    Like they say: a "gaffe" is what someone says when the truth slips out.

  6. Gaffe is what they call it every time Joe "we kicked Hezbollah out of Lebannon" Biden opens his mouth.

    And he's the foreign policy heavy weight of the team! Was Biden a good choice in any way?

  7. Fair and Balanced:
    Obama vs. McCain

    Link to: or

  8. Here's a video compliation of some of McCain's lies, or to be generous, ignorant remarks.

  9. Yes, and Iran is a tiny country that doesn't threaten us at all.


    Would you say that was a lie, or...a tremendous lack of knowledge in a man running for president?


    Heck--Iran's bigger than most of the 57 states Obama wants to visit!

    Isn't it?

  10. I've heard the entire quote. Bush won't talk to Iran, Obama will. Nothing to be afraid of--these are tiny countries, not like the Soviet Union. They pose no threat to us.

    This man is scary. But he sounds good and a thrill goes up your leg when you hear him.

    No questions. Just deep worries about Barack Obama.

    Never mind--it turns out now that he's losing.

  11. Take the time to find the entire quote, the Iran one, in context. Then come back if you still have questions.

    Oh, never mind: I'll make it easy on you. here it is.

  12. 1. I'm lost. Are you saying he didn't say it? Does he say here that Iran is a big country which threatens us? Sounds like he downplays them quite a bit.

    2. The Kennedy quote is priceless--I'd forgotten that part of it. Kennedy was completely out classed by Krushchev, which led to the Cuban missile crisis. John McCain was flying jets then. Obama didn't learn this bit of history in his school in Indonesia, I guess. Maybe he should read up on the US a bit.

    3. If this was such brilliant thinking, then why did he fall all over himself to correct it the next day?

  13. "Here's a video compliation of some of McCain's lies"

    When Obama decided to refuse public funding, would you call that a lie or a broken promise? Or was it that he never thought out what he said was his strategy, because he has no idea what he's doing from day to day?

    Seems like it's one or the other.

  14. Now we learn a little more about Obama's thugs:

    Are you really proud of this guy?

  15. Do people really base their vote on Political Flunkies,Celebrities, and Newspapers? The only one I'd even half listen to is Ted Nugent, and even though he's good on the 2d ammendment and drugs, he's still a Yankee. You say Hussein supports the 2d ammendment and is opposed to homos marryin? Might have to reconsider...
    I know you don't do predictions, but what do you think the death total will be when Hussein loses? I'm figurin 500-600 nation-wide,

    P.S. my word verification was "ABILIFY", are you making an insinuation? :)

  16. This will be my final response to the commenter known in his/her circles as anonymous, because words and ideas seem to have no meaning to him/her.

    It's clear what Obama meant: Russia had an army larger than ours; it had nuclear missile subs parked off our shores, long range bombers as effective as ours. That constitutes a threat greater than Iran. If you disagree, you need to explain. And, he said, if we could talk to a country like that, we ought to be able to talk to Iran, which in no way represents that level of threat. If you disagree on the substance, say why. If you disagree with General Petraeus, who talked to the Sunni tribal chiefs, who's talking with Taliban leaders; if you disagree with Bush who finally got around to talking with N. Korea, explain why. If you think the only way to deal with enemies is to go to war with them, well, fine and dandy. Go to war. (Are you within military age? Do it. I did.) The issue is diplomacy vs war. There are arguments to be made. Make them. Don't perseverate on the twisting of words. It's a more serious issue than that.

  17. Gee Sid, doesn't it suck not to be in the OR when people have to shut up when you say "Boo". It sucks, I know it, I say "Boo" alot too,

  18. No, Frank, this is way better: I have a "delete" button. And you may have noticed that I've not used it routinely on you or anyone. There's a pattern; you might discern it if you think a while.

  19. Sid, I see there has been a great change in the electorate. Much of it reminds me of the enthusiasm for JFK in the 60s...Our country has serious challenges, however none of it is near the Cuban Missile crisis or the strategic policy of M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction).

    I saw a documentary a video on gitmo bay and what we subjected the detainees to.

    My opinions of Bush and Cheney have sunk lower than my cesspool.
    These 'people' have hijacked judicial process, and hopefully they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, which they repeatedly broke.

    I think our generation has had many challenges. I have not been swayed by the rhetoric.
    One thing is certain...our country needs to come together to fix it.

    The Republicans will undoubtedly attempt to sabotage the Obama Presidency.


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