Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Swing And A Miss

Once again, I found myself less than whelmed while watching the (final, thankfully) debate. As to policies, just back and forth with McCain in particular ignoring responses to his thrusts and repeating them over and over. (I do think his dismissal of "health" of the mother -- with air quotes and an ugly face -- when discussing abortion did McCain no good.) With respect to the much anticipated attacks, the "kick his ass" plan of McCain, I'd say he missed badly, sounding crotchety and small, interrupting rudely.

Tie goes to the runner. Obama, being the smooth-running antelope, gets the win.


  1. I couldn't bare to watch. Glad it's all over.

  2. Sids, I'm still waiting on your Electoral Vote prediction for BHO, pick a round # from 0-538. I'm pickin 285 for JWM. Loser has to post a pic of hisself wearing costume of the victors choosing??

  3. Frank: I haven't really been thinking in EV terms so far. Given the R's ability to steal and disenfranchise votes, I remain concerned. (The acorn thing is, far as I can tell, way overblown: big difference between registration fraud and actual voter fraud.) When it comes to the battle for votes, it's the D's that want to help people vote, and the R's that want to prevent it.

    I suppose it's not fair to wait a little longer. I admire your willingness to outstick your neck. WIth a gun to my head (you can relate to that) I'd go with >300 for Obama. For your bet, we need rules: does picking the winner take precedence over closeness to the number?

  4. Day-um you Yankees talk complicated!, and are you psychic? its almost like you KNOW I filled out my Wifes absentee ballot, but its GEORGIA, so all u need is an "X" in the signature box. Umm, how about just predicting how many EVs they'll get, closest wins. I picked McCain to get homina, homina, that would give Obama 253. Don't tell me you're picking McCain to win also?? Oh yeah,and don't forget about the 7 point spread:)

  5. Oh I get it, DUH, what if Obama gets 270, and you said he gets 300 and I said he'd get 268? YOU LOSE.
    Thats my idea anyway. Or we could do like in football with a PointSpread, most of the projections are predicting Obama to win with around 350 or so. Not sure if you bet the pigskins but it'd be something like...
    McCain(+80) vs Obama. Where Obama has to win by more than 80 EVs for you to win.


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