Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting Real

Some things are obvious. Others are saying it, too. When you cut through the crap, push away "he's a terrorist, they hate America," and listen to what Obama says, comparing it to the tone and text of McPalin's campaign, nothing could be more clear: If it's possible to get through these tough times -- and I'm not at all certain it is -- the style and substance of the leadership offered by Barack Obama is exactly what we need, and those of McPalin are exactly what we don't. And that, of course, is why McPalin are trying to change the subject. And change it. And change it. And change it.


  1. In this election year, I thank God for the internet, bloggers and most of all....YouTube (which launched in 2005).

    No longer do people have to rely on the MSM for their information, which as we all know, can be incredibly slanted. Those who still believe all this 'terrorist', 'Muslim', etc rhetoric just aren't educating themselves of the facts.

    The fear and smear tactics used by the GOP just don't fit into the 21st Century and thank God for that!

    Even here, in my very Red state of Arizona, the GOP base is crumbling hard and fast, which thrills me as a native 'Blue' Iowan.

  2. I've never actually heard anyone say Obama hates America. But it's quite obvious that he has friends who do: Ayers, Wright, others.

    Sorry, is it racist to suggest now that he has friends?


  3. BC: guess you didn't hear Michelle Bachman the other day. I don't defend Ayers, other than to say when Obama worked with him on that board, he was a respected member of Chicago society, voted Citizen of the Year, no less. As to Wright, his "god damn America" comments, which have been made to represent the entirety of his positions, were really no less offensive than when Falwell, Robertston, et al, said that 9/11 and Katrina were God's judgement on the US. Those are extreme examples of the concept that you can criticize America without hating it.

    More important: if we are to judge everyone by their "friends," as opposed to who and what they are now, who will survive the test? Certainly not S. Palin, who sleeps with a guy who joined a group whose ENTIRE raison d'etre was hatred of the US.

    More important still: These are tough times, sure to get much tougher. I think it's time to stop the bullshit and look for leaders who have an inclusive message. And if that's not enough, how about ones that tend to be right about things: what would happen when we invaded Iraq; whether, a few weeks ago, the fundmentals of the economy were strong; who palled around with the President of Georgia and got him to provoke Russia? Things like that. Of course, that stuff is harder to get a handle on. It's a lot easier to talk about who loves America.

  4. "if that's not enough, how about ones that tend to be right about things"

    McCain and the Repubs were the ones in 2006 trying to investigate The Freddie/Fannie thing. And they were turned away. That deserves your attention.

    In my book, asking God to damn something is the definition of hate. I haven't heard the McCain was buddies with Falwell; how could Obama be friends with Wright?


  5. Uh, Newsweek did an article awhile back on McCain's former religious adviser and some of the things he said that I would say seem to be contributing factors as to why McCain isn't making a big deal of Wright; he'd be in for it himself and he knows it. Obama has repeatedly warned him that when it comes to negative advertising, he won't throw the first punch, but he will fight back hard when punched.

    A stray thought--I watched Palin saying to a reporter that there was this law, you know, like around 1930 to put up these protective walls, and that John McCain was going to put them back! (I thought, after all these weeks they've been prepping you you still don't know the name of the Glass-Steagall act?!)

    Does she really not know? John McCain just spent years tearing those walls down, honey. You betcha.

  6. BHO IS a Muslim, I saw it on the Marxist Stream Media, "Meet the Depressed" I think it was, BHO said "MY MUSLIM RELIGION" and they replayed it like a thousand times.
    Google that s**** if u don't believe me.

  7. Frank: I saw that when he said it. I thought, well that'll be cut up and sent all over the crazy sites. Context, baby, context.

  8. I haven't seen any facts, honestly, on McCain. He's always struck me as pretty a-religious. But you haven't answered the real question--How could Obama be friends and in the congregation of Wright for so long?

    Second question--can you name a qualification for Obama to be pres? Other than he's over 35 years old?


  9. BC: how about this: there's more to a twenty year career than a single 20 second sound bite. The church in question is renowned for its charity work, its help for the needy, its outreach. I've never been there. I don't know Rev Wright. Many people who have been, and who do, say he's a very decent and loving guy. He was a Marine in Vietnam, decorated. Volunteered. It seems a life is more than one revved up sermon, no?

    Qualifications? Wonder why so many papers that NEVER endorsed a Dem are endorsing Obama. And many more that endorsed Bush twice. A senior advisor to McCain just endorsed Obama and requested his name be removed from McCain literature. Are all of these people idiots? What Obama has shown is an even temperament, thoughtfulness and accuracy on important issues, a message of inclusiveness when we need it most. He's run the most effective campaign anyone has ever seen. McCain has lurched around in one direction and another. Wanted to fire Chris Cox, took credit for the bailout passing before it did, then took credit for it not passing when it didn't. Goaded the Georgian president into provocation, then said we're all Georgians. Chose a clearly unqualified VP for all the wrong reasons. Said the fundamentals of the economy are strong as it was crashing around us. Two years ago Obama sent a letter to Bernanke and Paulson warning of the impending loan default crisis. These thins are all a matter of record and provide a really clear contrast.
    Stability vs instability. Calm vs hot-headedness. Complex thinking about complex issues vs bumper-sticker simplicity.

    But we'll never agree.

  10. Sid,

    Maybe not, but we can discuss!

    Face it--that was not one sermon for Wright. That's his real bag. He's admitted it. After he admitted it, Obama disowned him. If it wasn't so, why would BO disown him?

    So, no real qualifications? He's level-headed, bright, sends a tingle up your leg when he speaks? His accuracy on issues? Like the surge would make things worse?

    I'm not actually a huge McCain fan, but he can point to his leadership in the Navy, 30 years (or whatever) in the Senate, etc. Is BO's community organized yet?

    I'd like to see the pres with some real admin experience. The only one in this whole deal is Palin. In another 12 years, she might look great. 4 years is a little slim,, but at least she brings some. She's written the checks, made the decisions--not just voted on stuff.

    McCain has created legislation, working with Repubs and Demos. He voted with his party 79% of the time. BO voted (during his 143 days in the Senate) with his party 97% of the time. Which one can play well with others?

    Here's someone else's thoughts on BO's **letter**, FWIW:

    Here's McCain with **legislation** a full year before:


  11. BC: to me, the key question on Iraq was whether to do it, and what would happen. McCain: "next stop Baghdad" well before we invaded; it'll be easy; we'll be greeted as liberators; their oil will pay for it. Obama: we'll be bogged down for years, enormous costs, the country will dissolve into violent sectarian factions. That was the "presidential" moment. As to the surge: as you must know, all but the most partisan agree the key factor to the improvement there was the Sunni "awakening," which began before the surge. Even Petraeus agrees with that.

    If Palin "might" be ready in 12 years, what does that say about McCain's judgement?

    The legislation numbers: people throw all sorts of them around. McCain's big two across the aisle were immigration, on which he totally flipped, saying he'd not vote now for the legislation he wrote. And election finance reform, around which he's been skirting to his utmost.

    Percent with party: if one party is constantly wrong, it's not hard to see why some might vote against it once in a while. When the party of the worst president ever has people voting against it on the other side, it says less about the voters than the party. For example: GI benefits. Obama yes, McCain no. Lots of his party voted with Obama on that one. And it passed.

    If McCain wins, having run on us-vs-them, America lovers vs America haters, how will he govern the rubble that's left? In 2000 I thought him an honorable, if highly disagreeable, man. Now, he's not the former, and remains the latter. Obama has consistently honored McCain's experience and war record. McCain has consistently implied Obama is a terrorist loving America hater. It's shameful and does himself dishonor. At one point, I'd have said he'd come to feel bad about it. I was wrong about that, and I'll admit it.

    Palin's admin experience: she hired unqualified cronies even more than Bush has. McCain has administered an embarrassing campaign, firing and hiring at random, with neither coherent message nor effective "ground game." Obama: entirely the opposite. What we need in a president is first and foremost, judgment. In that Obama shows well and McCain is severely wanting, whether it's on invading Iraq, the economy, oil, Georgia, healthcare.

  12. Sid,

    Palin's choice shows that McCain had better judgment certainly than Obama, who picked Joe "Hezbollah out of Lebannon" Biden. Joe "clean articulate black" Biden. Joe "you have to have a Pakistani accent to go into a 7-11" Biden.

    I wish she had more experience, yes. Right now, she has four years as a gov--that's, let's see now, exactly four years more than Obama and Biden put together of making real decisions, signing the checks. Add McCain's leadership time in the Navy, being in charge of men's lives and all, and that's a waaayyy better ticket than the Dems have.

    No qualifications for Obama, huh? Nothing he's done?

    Biden's right about one thing--Obama as pres will bring a testing on America.


  13. Sid, have you ever been around blacks outside of the hospital? Reverend Wright's friggin Sidney Potier compared to most of them who think we Jews all own pawnshops, sacrifice Christian babies, and sit around figuring out better ways to give them AIDs. OK, so I do own 10% interest in a Title Loan business, they really believe all that.

  14. BC: what, exactly, has she done in her four years other than appoint unqualified friends and donors to important posts, take money for staying at home, and try unsuccessfully to get the bridge to nowhere? The gas pipeline? Not a grain of dirt has turned yet, and it turns out to be a boondoggle.

    Accomplishments of Obama? Please. A product of a broken home growing up poor gets into Harvard, becomes president of the law review (so was my brother, at Boalt: it's a big deal). Beats the most powerful (until now) political machine. Writes two important books, himself, becomes informed in depth and shows judgment accordingly. Accomplishment is not like pelts; it's about who you are, temperament, knowledge you've gained. But please, we really are getting nowhere here. Your way of looking at things and mine are diametrical. We're wasting each other's time.

    Frank: the answer to your question is decidedly yes. And I'm astonished that you are Jewish (I was hoping your name was a pseudonym). The Jews I know, including everyone in my family, are open-minded, intelligent, and thoughtful. The delete button is poised, boychick. The only reason I didn't is to contextualize this reposte.

  15. "Accomplishments of Obama? Please. A product of a broken home growing up poor gets into Harvard, becomes president of the law review (so was my brother, at Boalt: it's a big deal)."

    Have you read his articles he wrote on the law review? He didn't write any.

    "Beats the most powerful (until now) political machine."

    Beat it? He joined it!

    "Writes two important books, himself,"

    Oh, puleease. He wrote two autobiographies before he was 45. Why? He saw his life s that important to the rest of us? Important books? Hah!

    "becomes informed in depth and shows judgment accordingly."

    You're kidding on this, right? This is an accomplishment?

    "Accomplishment is not like pelts; it's about who you are, temperament, knowledge you've gained."

    Actually, I think the word indicates things you've done. What you've...accomplished. No matter how much you'd learned about anatomy, I'll bet they wouldn't let you cut on your own until you'd stood next to someone else and proved yourself. Even if your temperament was good, no matter how much knowledge you'd gained. Am I right?

    I would think you'd be a huge McCain supporter, if your desire is resume. He led men in battle. And in captivity. And in the Senate.

    Palin has hired and fired. Figured out budgets. Managed 11 billion dollars a year. Learned how to run a state. The Newsweek story on her was quite complimentary--until she ran against Obama.

    "But please, we really are getting nowhere here. Your way of looking at things and mine are diametrical. We're wasting each other's time."

    On the contrary--now I know that Obama has never actually accomplished anything at all.

  16. Sid,

    BO's greatest "accomplishment":

    www.not a

    C'mon--just admit you're voting for him because he's a Dem and you're a Dem and be done with it. You don't have to make stuff up, Sid!


    PS--I really miss the surgery blog. I was learning a lot. I even had you pegged for a lap-band guy way before you let on.


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