Thursday, October 16, 2008


John McCain thinks ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) threatens "the very fabric of our democracy." It's but one of the ways he has his minions in a frenzy of indignant rage. For purposes of discussion, how about we ignore the fact that he was for it before he was against it. Let's just talk about "voter fraud," and try to distinguish it from registration fraud, which is what happened.

The most obvious point is that, to the extent fraud was perpetrated, it was against ACORN!! It's fair to criticize them for what happened, for poor organization and oversight, but the ripoff was from their funds. They paid unemployed people to register voters. Those folks, some of them anyway, turned in false forms. Free and unfettered enterprise. How Republican! And, in those cases, ACORN paid and got nothing in return.

So: phony names, in pretty small numbers percentage-wise, have turned up. Fraudulent? Yes. But here's the thing: Mickey Mouse can't vote! Nor can, in one state, the offensive line of a football team in another. This whole tempest of righteous indignation is, indeed, contained within the proverbial teapot. Phony names: no votes. Simple. Fabric unraveling? Not exactly.

On the other hand, true to form, Republicans across the country are threatening, deceiving, and suing voters off the rolls in the most outrageous ways.

To me, the most curious thing is the consistency of the difference: Democrats want to increase voting; Republicans want to prevent it. Democracy. Will of the people. USA, USA, USA!!!

Funny, huh?

[As usual, after writing something I find people out there who say it much better than I.]


  1. Sid, shouldn't y'all wait till you lose to start makin excuses? Still waitin for your EV prediction, most of the Marxist Stream Media outlets are sayin 350-370 in the O column. Don't know if makin cheatin easier is such a good idea for y'all, the Elephants traditionally been better at doing it.

  2. Actually, Frank, it's the R's priming the excuse pump by implying a win by O could only happen by way of massive fraud. I'm a) pointing out the vacuity and (surprise) fact-free basis of it and b) referring to actual and factual issues regarding R tactics.

  3. ONe thing good--if Obama wins--and keeps his promise--your wealth will be redistributed to me.

    Happy now?


  4. BC: first of all, Bush's policies have, of late, redistributed my "wealth" into the ethers. Moreover, even in my peak years, I was not in the $250K category. Second, "redistribution" is another of the right wing talking points that is taken far out of context. And what have the Bush years been if not redistribution? From the middle and lower classes to the wealthy. But if your question is, do I agree that we need to return to the tax policies of the latter years of Clinton, when the economy soared, the tax structure having been modified to that level by the Republican congress, my answer is yes. Although it might be, as Paul Krugman said today, that addressing deficits may have to be deferred until the economy is headed back in the right direction.


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