Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Down is Up

A friend sent me a link to this post. I think it's pretty good. Always the anti-inflammatory, I'd say it only a little differently. It's not really about white privilege. It's about how easily people rationalize, on behalf of their political beliefs, support for things they'd clearly oppose were they associated with someone from the other side. And vice versa. It's about cynicism and duplicity. It's about the uncanny ability to flip positions willy nilly, without a moment's hesitation. Was there ever a better poster-child than Sarah Palin? Don't her supporters most perfectly demonstrate the two-facedness of political persuasion? Can you imagine any of them not screaming derisively, high-horsed, had the Democrats put forth a candidate like her?

Nor can we ignore the ease -- I don't think she gives it a thought -- with which Moosellini respires lies in response to the Troopergate report. It says, in actual writing using English words and simple phrases, that she violated ethics rules and abused the power of her office. Her response: she's glad it cleared her of violating ethics rules and of abuse of power. Simply stupefying.


  1. I don't get it, Y'all nearly lynched Justice Thomas for some pubic hairs in a coke can that weren't even his, then support some State Trooper who was tazin kids?? Governors are like Presidents, they can fire anyone in the executive branch for any reason, like maybe they scratch their balls in public, I don't know.

  2. Glad to see you back, Sid!

    Isn't it thought provoking, that what little McCain knew about Palin when he selected her for his running mate, that she would be the mirror image of himself? (I was going to add 'but without balls', but McCain doesn't have a pair either, so I scratched that)

    A person who will do or say anything to be liked or to get what they want. They aren't mavericks...they're followers.

    Several months ago, when it was down to the 2 candidates and the questions were flying around about who they'd chose as their running mates, I told my husband (and anyone who would listen) that I didn't think Obama would choose Clinton because he's smart enough to know that there are a lot of people who just can't fathom a Black President, let alone the addition of a female VP.

    So, when he selected Biden, I told my hubby again, "Now Watch McCain scramble like an idiot to appeal to the women voters."

    And scramble he did.

    When he selected Palin and announced that she was his 'friend and soulmate' (while sporting a grin that really skeeved me out), I threw up in my mouth a little and then said, "See? Told ya!"

    It's just stating the obvious to say that McCain loves to skirt the issues, but even more obvious is that her skirt IS an issue. As in, he'd love to get into hers. The misogynistic bastard that he is.

    The fact of the matter is, McCain will never be the President of the United States, so he's going to have to figure some other way to get passed his Daddy issues. However, I doubt he ever will. He'll take those to the grave.

    Sarah Palin will never be Miss Alaska or Vice President, so she's just going to have to settle for her Miss Wasilla title that she won 24 years ago. At least she'll have that to hold on to when she fades into obscurity.

    BTW, if you haven't already seen it, I highly recommend to buy this months issue of Rolling Stone magazine. McCain is on the cover (Make Believe Maverick), the artwork is fabulous and worth the trip to pick the actual copy.

    Until then here is a link for you:



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