Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'm lowering my life-goals. How about this: let's all agree never to use the term "on steroids" again.

It's getting to be everywhere. Google the term and the links won't quit. David Brooks, who needs no excuse to drive me crazy, used the term today, which put me over the edge.

Cliché? More like cliché on st....


  1. I used to have a steroid inhaler, and my son (then 6) apparently noticed this, because when his teacher discussed the dangers of anabolic steroids in health class he raised his hand and volunteered that his Mom used steroids all the time.

  2. As an MS patient who's been "on steroids" - like too many individual 5-day rounds of IV 1g Solumedrol plus the necessary 10/14-day tapers of Decadron (can't tolerate Prednisone, discovered through bad experiences) - I'd have to say that "on steroids" is anything but a compliment or joy. JMHO

    Thanks for the chuckle.


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