Monday, October 13, 2008


It's almost funny, were it not so pathetic. Over the weekend, McCain announces he'll be releasing a new economic plan today. Lindsay (I'm as self righteous as Joe Lieberman and even smarmier) Graham was out there on the tubes saying the plan "will be a very comprehensive approach to jump-start the economy, by allowing capital to be formed easier in America by lowering taxes." Well, it's today. Oops.

The operative words, to pick only a sampling of the applicable, are erratic, disarray, incoherent, confused, unbalanced, lost. Which is not to say the campaign is over. I've written about how conservatives think differently from liberals; about that amazing study showing that when presented with facts which disprove a position, they actually increase their belief in that position. Today, McPalin are out with a new ad that even more brazenly hypes the Obama-as-terrorist connection. (For an excellent fact-check, read this.)

So I guess the question is this: will people take note of, and be appropriately distressed by the way, under duress, John McCain is lurching around like a zombie, or will they recede into the ooze of guilt-by-association, distortion, and lies? I'm hopeful; but, past being prologue, I'm a long way from confident.

Update: Gee, after Obama came out with a comprehensive plan today, it looks like McCain changed his mind again. My neck hurts.


  1. You know the other thing about Liberals and real Americans? Liberals like "The Adams Family" while real Americans like me like "the Munsters". Except for that Morticia Adams,,,OMG what a MILF! You should check out my series "Top 10 MILFs of the 60's" and see how many we have in common. It doesn't matter that you want to kill newborns outside the neutral zone, surrender to the A-Rabs, and take what paltry portion of my earnings I currently get to keep, but when it comes to MILFS we're all Americans....:)

  2. Frank: once again, you are wrong. The determinative distinction is "The Twilight Zone" vs "The Outer Limits."

  3. I liked Both!! Yeah, the Aliens on Outer Limits sucked, but so did some of the stories in TZ. Check out my Wednesday Post, its a TZ episode parody. Remeber the one where the Aliens come to help Earth out?? oh yeah they all were like that...


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