Friday, October 24, 2008


I asked a question of my most conservative friend, one who seriously believes Barack Obama is a Muslim, an al Queda sympathizer, a hater of white people. Okay, I said. From these postulates one ought to be able to form a testable hypothesis. Assuming he wins, what do we expect if you're right? 

We're both intelligent people, I said (wondering, if only a little, about the all-encompassing truth of the statement.) Tell me what events will derive from your beliefs, assuming they're true? What observations will we be able to make after Obama is sworn in? Over what time frame would you suppose these things will occur? And at what point, absent those predicted events, would you be willing to say the theory is disproved? 

He didn't answer. But I think it's a fair set of questions, which ought to be directed to those who are similarly convinced. It is, after all, only science. And, one would hope, it ought to be objectively tested.


  1. One of the hosts on "Skeptics' guide to the universe" made that selfsame observation this week.

    (Captcha: "sordalin" - sounds like a drug.)

  2. Even as a kid, I was never one to just swallow anything I was spoon fed.

    As an adult, personally, I choose to research things on my own, to not just follow along in lock step and to never, ever show up to a gun fight carrying a knife. So to speak.

    If I'm going to debate something with someone, I make sure I have all the information. If I don't? I'll just say that I don't know enough about it to offer my opinion.

    It just leaves me shaking my head that so many people still believe that Obama is Muslim. And really, so what if he was? Being Muslim doesn't equal being a terrorist, although that's what the right wing would like us all to believe.

    Keith Ellison is a Congressman (who happens to be Muslim) in Minnesota's 5th Congressional District, which covers the Minneapolis area and I certainly haven't heard any outrage about that.

    JFK was assassinated 18 months before I was born, but I've read about the 'outrage' that was tossed his way because he was.....OMG.....Catholic!

    All this infighting due to religion just sickens me (which is why I now attend a non-denominational Christian Church).

    The race thing? I mean, COME ON! I don't give a rat's ass what color you are (unless you're purple, then it brings up Barney issues for me....ACK!)...people are just who they are.

    It's not like anyone has a say in the matter, before they're born, on what color their skin will be or what religion they'll be raised in.

    Look. 26 years ago, I had a daughter. Her father has strong Native American Heritage. I shook up that family tree a bit. Hehe.

    Years and years later, one of my brothers married a gal who's 'brown' (it's what she calls herself, so I feel OK in writing that) just like Obama. They have 2 beautiful kids together and I have the utmost admiration for her parents, as they've been together since the 60's, so I can only imagine what they lived through then.

    My other brother married a gal from the Philippines and they have 2 kids together. More family tree 'shake-up'.

    I know that my sister-in-law has been subject to verbal attacks in which she's called a 'Gook'. I find that just appalling and I just pray that the kids don't have to hear that crap.

    So basically, my message is to anyone out there that thinks because they're white and living in the USA...that they're better than anyone else?

    Unless you're a Native American or of Native American descent, you weren't here first. You're here because your ancestors crossed the pond. I don't see you sacrificing in the way they did.

    No, you just seem to be content in sitting back all fat, dumb and happy...pointing fingers at anyone you deem to be 'different' than you.

    My maternal Grandmother, who was always a staunch Republican and looked down her nose at anyone she thought was beneath her until passed in June of 2007 (trust me, she did),...decided to do a family history when she retired from teaching back in the late 70's/early 80's (I can't recall when).

    It's not in the nicely bound books that we have, but she learned that her Grandfather had a 2nd family (with children) with a Black Woman. We've learned about it in the years since she published the book. She refused to acknowledge it until her dying days.

    I will say, though, that she spent a lot of time writing about how we descended from Norwegian Royalty. Nice top know, but that and 5 cents won't buy you a piece of bubble gum anymore. Nor will it get me a discount on a trip trough the fjords. (although I've been through fjords in Alaska and I must say that they are amazing!)

    If my paternal Grandmother was still with us? (she passed 9/12/2001. Yes, the day after) I know she'd be tickled pink that Obama will be our next President.

    So, all in all....I'll just use the Grandmothers for this ending comparison.


    Entitled, elitist, snobby, cold,a school teacher then Principal who really didn't like kids at all. No hugs or kisses. Republican and downright mean. Hated dirt.


    Warm, down to earth, cared about everyone, Nurse, loved kids, a farm woman, loved the dirt, incredible gardens and more hugs and kisses than any kid (or adult) could want.


  3. Sid, maybe if Barak wouldn't talk about "my Muslim Faith" on network news shows..oh WTF, I give up. Doesn't take a scientist to figure out what happens when a young,suave,Harvard educated, democrat with a pretty wife runs with an oafish older Senator as VP. He invades Cuba and cuts taxes!! Oh that was JFK.

  4. Frank, as I'm certain you're smart enough to know, that comment was taken out of context. He referred to how people talk about "my Muslim faith" as if it were true, as opposed to the fact that he's a Christian. I wish we could have elections wherein religion is never mentioned at all. We'd be much better off. But this crap is just that: crap.


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