Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Obligatory Post-Debate Post

Sorta boring. No major fluffs. Obama silky, McCain clunky. "That one." "I know how to (insert here, choose among 1) catch bin Laden 2) win wars 3) fix the economy 4) solve problems." "My friends, my friends, my friends, my friends." "Freeze spending." "Spend three hundred billion on mortgages."

"Gentlemen, we worked really hard on these rules." "Green lights." "Red lights." "Arm wave."

Gimmicky format: town hall? Say what?

"You don't announce your intentions to your enemies." "Bomb bomb Iran."

Usual partisan spinners aside, the strong plurality of polls suggest an Obama win.

Are "undecideds" really undecided, or do they just figure (wrongly) it doesn't make any difference?

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  1. It was terrible. I have no idea why I waste my time watching. Same ole sound bites, and the real wonder is why the entire frigging thing wasn't spent on this financial catastrophe we're in.

    And the brainless commentary that follows . . . who can possibly credit anybody who takes these so-called debates seriously? Have we really gotten this stupid?


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