Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bring It On

Sounds like John McCain is going to bring up the terrorism thing in tomorrow's debate. That's good news (and it would prove me wrong). Let's see, once the facts are on the table, how many people are moved to vote for the old guy. My guess: only those already there; way there. I suppose there's a chance Barack Obama could muff it, sound defensive. But I doubt it. Facts, as they say, have a well-known liberal bias.

Meanwhile, it's interesting to hear the rationalizations. McPOW seems unable to grasp that there's a difference between the candidates themselves whipping up the rabble by implying Obama consorts with and is himself a terrorist, and the occasional Obama supporter saying something stupid.

And we still have another three weeks of this crap.


  1. Hey Sid, gave you a Shoutout at the Hideout today! OK you can slam my southern culture all you wants but you make fun of my Enquirer an we gonna fight! Didn't you see!! Patrick Swayze has 5 weeks to live?!?! WTF, I know you probably hate him cause he killed all those Russians in "Red Dawn" but c'mon we're all Americans here. And you missed the best part, Obamas "Gay Bombshell"!! Laters,

  2. As I said in my previous reply....McCain has no balls, so I doubt he'll bring it up.

    If he does? I'll just sit back and watch Obama handle it the way he always does. Calm, cool, collected.


    But, I still can't help but wonder if Obama thinks of the same old grade school line that I always do when McCain makes a feeble attempt at an attack.....

    'I'm rubber and you're glue. Anything you say, bounces off me and sticks to you.'

    And should McCain bring up William Ayers, which is incredibly irrelevant.....then all Obama has to do is mention the Keating Five and it's a done deal.

    McCain will slink off the the snake that he is.

    I can't wait!

  3. I know that McCain said he'd heard similar things from Obama supporters, but I really question that. I believe that if Obama supporters were saying such things, the Republicans would have it all over youtube.

    Also? The Ayres thing? Somehow I don't think McCain's very bright. I'd bet money Senator Obama's got something he wants to say about it, and he's setting Senator McCain up. Anybody who's paid the slightest bit of attention to McCain couldn't fail to realize that McCain would be unable to resist any bait. I'm convinced it's a setup.

    Nancy Barton

  4. Kristi, you're mistaken, that line was from Pee Wee Herman, try it on a school yard and you'll be missing some teeth. There gotta be a reason for McCains poor performance, I suspect a setup, and sometime around November 1st, we're gonna see those Obama gay sex photos everyones talkin about.


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