Thursday, October 30, 2008

Journalist. Candidate. Intelligent Interview

If you want to see an interview by a thoughtful and intelligent journalist, and responses by an intelligent and thoughtful candidate, look below. For those of you who might be less inclined to appreciate it, I warn that the first couple minutes are a little snarky. But Rachel Maddow is what we need in our media people: smart, informed, straightforward. These interviews are, in my opinion, the best I've ever seen: good and substantive questions on serious subjects. How nice it would be if they were all like that. In my opinion, there's much to admire in Senator Obama's answers: depth, intelligence, bipartisanship. Would that people could see it. It's hard for me to believe that if skeptics would allow themselves a moment of openness, they'd not be impressed that THIS is what we need in a president. Not ideologic. Not hyperpartisan. Pragmatic, knowledgeable, direct. The choice, to me, is clear as mountain water.

We haven't had someone like this in the White House for what seems like ever. If only our politics allowed people to observe, rather than react.


  1. As a European I hope that the polls are right and that Obama will be the next president of the USA.
    And I hope it will turn out to be a landslide victory, I think the US needed a candidate of color to really see it's ugly face as shown by the republicans and if elected I think it will be a positive both for most Americans who will find a renewed patriotism and for the rest of the world to again see that the (real) "American dream" still exists.
    (I also hope he is well protected, elected or not!)

  2. Ich liebe Rachel Maddow. Es macht nichts, dass sie schwull ist, sie spricht sehr intelligent uber die Wahlkampf. Trotzdem, ich will nicht uber politik reden, sondern, uber meine folgende ausnahme, "Ich bin Frankies Milz. Fraulein Maddow errinert mich von meiner Realschule lehrerin, Frau Kunze. Was fur eine Traum soll jedermann bekommen,

  3. Herr Drackman: Ich spreche kein Deutsch. Wenn ich habe, ich wäre in der Lage, sich darüber einig, dass Rachel ist sehr intelligent und spricht gut. Ich verstehe nicht, die Beziehung zwischen ihr und Ihre Milz.

  4. He's looking old and tired already, poor thing.

    And McCain still sounds like The Penguin.

    So if 'we're' not just gonna fund dictators and ignore democracy, does that mean 'we'll' withdraw from Saudi Arabia? - Funny enough that's exactly what bin Laden wanted.


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