Monday, October 20, 2008


Grabbing a few images from online, it's pretty easy to see the difference between an Obama rally....

...and one for McCain.

And, I suppose, it explains pictures like this:

Okay, even I don't think it's all about racism. But it's pretty striking how broad and inclusive is the appeal of Obama, and how narrow is that of McCain.


  1. I was struck with an image from the final debate, when the candidates' wives joined them onstage and then they all left together. The Obamas move together and look so happy together and in sync. The McCains don't even look at each other, much less like a couple. The very energy was just so distinctly different.

  2. I don't get it, how are they different? Still waitin for your Electoral Vote prediction, you can take the quick pick with the 350 or so your Marxist Stream Media is forecasting.

  3. Yeah, Frank, that damn ol' media be gettin' all fact-based on us.

    By the way, I haven't updated my post with the list of all the conservative papers that have never gone Demo who've come out for Obama. Even in Texas! Makes me think some of y'all actually CAN see out of those beady eyes.

  4. Four photos might be thought to be too small of a sample.

    It would also seem that, if no blacks vote for McCain, perhaps they are the ones focused more on race? Whites can vote their race, another race, whatever.

    If you'd like to run disgusting political photos to show meaness, please Google "Palin T shirts" and run that one.


  5. It would also seem that, if no blacks vote for McCain, perhaps they are the ones focused more on race? Whites can vote their race, another race, whatever.

    BC: That's one way to look at it. Another is that one party has broad appeal, another appeals more narrowly. In fact, it's a pretty insulting view to think that somehow Blacks vote based on race and Whites don't. Might it not be that the Democratic party addresses their interests and the Republicans don't? After all, Blacks have been generally Democrats long before Barack showed up.

    As to the # of photos: I only have so much time. If those aren't representative direct me to ones that are more so.

  6. How about these two, Sid? :)

  7. Nice, Jeff. Funny thing is the rightwing blogs are claiming that St Louis picture is photoshopped. Wonder how you photshop this.

  8. His appeal to hope and transformation is breathtaking. McCain/Palin's appeal to the mob is terrifying. This is going to be a rough two weeks...

  9. Sids, that photo of the supposed "McCain" motorcyclist with the N-word T-shirt is an obvious Fraud.
    1: He's in a LEFT TURN lane, real conservatives will make 3 right turns instead.
    2: You wear a shirt like that in a state that actually has a significant N-word population, and you'll get Nicole Simpson's disease.
    3: I think the Motorcyclist actually IS an N-word, I know its been decades since you've seen one in the flesh.

  10. Hi Sid,

    The picture of the motorcyclist gives me chills, even if it is fake. I cannot understand racism and never could even when I was a youngster.

    I grew up in the solidly Democratic but segregated South Florida. There were plenty of "snowbirds" from NY, NJ, and other northern states.

    My parents were from Pittsburgh, PA, and I am from a very liberal Jewish background. One of my very strong memories is the sign "WHITE SEAT FROM FRONT, COLORED SEAT FROM REAR" posted in every municipal bus that ran down N.E. 12th Avenue to the center of Miami.

    The fact that Obama is even appearing in Indiana and the other "red" states -- is an indication of his willingness to engage Republicans who might have had enough of the current failed administration.

    One important issue is the accuracy of this election. More than 50% of the electorate is worried about the voting process itself and whether the outcome will be a true reflection of what the citizens of America want.




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