Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hair Of The Dog

I won't raise the issue of the $150,000 McCain's campaign has spent on outfitting Sarah the Plumb; that would be crass, like, say, the flap over John Edwards' haircuts. Coming, as it does, on the stilettos of the phony Michelle Obama/caviar story: precious. 

Far be it from politicos to be two-faced. Far be it from me to be amused at the campaign's two-step over it. Let's listen to smooth jazz, instead.


  1. OK Sid, got your EV prediction up at the Hideout. I'm sure as an Officer and a Gentelman I don't have to remind you of your promise to Shoot yourself should lightning strike and McCain wins. Should O-Bama win I'll do something even more deadly, ride MARTA through downtown Atlanta unarmed. Probably a more effective way to kill yourself anyway,

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  3. Hi Sid --

    Thanks for your commentary on VP "couture". I haven't heard that word since Mr. Blackwell (recently deceased) used it.

    I just got back from seeing a preview of "High School Musical 3" with my daughter and grandkids, ages 10 and 7. They loved it. Oh, well, it won't win any Oscars, but it was fun for the children.

    On the more important topic, Sarah Palin is self-destructing right before our eyes, and it's only Thursday!

    Those of us women who have used the language on radio, TV and in print -- for decades -- just can't wait until this is OVER.

    If that woman becomes VP, it will set our gender in politics back a hundred years!



  4. Ellen: I agree. And if she becomes president one can only wonder who'll be pulling the strings.

  5. I respectfully ask the following:

    How much of the $800M that Obama has spend so far, were on clothes for himself and the wife and family? I am seriously trying to find out. $800M is a lot of money, and it could have been spent a thousand better ways. It appears to me, that Mr. O likes spending cash that isn't his as much if not more than our pathetic IL Gov. I mean, that is where he was 'brougth up' politically. I worry he'll be the same with my extra tax dollars that administration promises to take.
    As for Mrs. Palin, she is honestly more in touch with security issues than Mr. O. Alaska is our first line of defense in a missile strike scenario. The ANG is on 24/7/365 and she has been involved in security clearances and briefings for years now. As an aside, (since she is not running for President), why do you feel Joe Biden is worthy? Mr. Biden may have been around a long time, but he demonstrates he is not connected with the real world and can not be trusted with a microphone much less the red phone.
    I look forward to your opinions.
    Thank you.

  6. anonymous: at first I figured I give you a thorough response; but then, when I read that you buy the incredibly silly idea that because she lives in Alaska Palin is some sort of security expert, I figured nothing I say will affect your thinking. If you buy that obviously false premise, you won't be moved by whatever I say. If you can stand it, in this video they actually discuss his and Michelle's clothes and how she shops at the GAP and he wears his clothes for years and years.

    Biden? Chair of the foreign relations committee, chair of the judiciary committee, travels home every night to be with his family. Agreed by Dems and Reps alike that he's an expert in foreign relations. Not enough for you? Then nothing will be.

    Kool aid, anyone?

  7. Wow. How incredibly rude and sophmoric to boot. I tried to present my questions to you in a polite fashion only to be dissed. Thanks for the time you took to help explain to me your views.

    Now that we know Palin did not spend any money's on the clothes..that they were loaned and will be auctioned/donated, I guess it's one less thing to fuss about. Still doesn't answer my question on Obamas gross spending.

    Biden is the poster child for Alzheimers. I don't care what chair he's held down for 20 years, the guys mind is feeble and his mouth should be taped shut.

    Enjoy the day. I need to go an apologize to the people I mentioned your blog to and suggested they read it.

  8. Well, of course I did answer your question -- even took the time to find a relevant video -- and addressed Biden quite specifically. Perhaps you didn't read past the first sentence. That's very likely where you go wrong: not actually reading. The essence of my response was that nothing I'd say would change your views. I said it factually. res ipsa loquitur


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