Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mad Cow

I type, or I scream. Really. It's beyond containment within even a marginally sane head. They're like a pin-ball machine; blindfolded kids swinging wildly at a piƱata, poking the tail on a donkey. Reeling around like drunken idiots. Or, maybe, like senile old men. And by "they," I mean John McCain and his team.

The economy locks up. The White House comes out with a plan. It gets modifed. McCain takes personal credit. Brags about his role in the passage, derides Obama., popping off a little prematurely. It doesn't pass. McCain's side, who voted 67% against the bill, blames Obama's side, who voted 60% in favor, for the failure. Claiming he politicized the process.

I'm sure it makes sense to someone.

Not satisfied, yesterday morning the Republicans came out with and ad blaming the bill itself on Obama. While McCain said it's no time for placing blame.

This says it all, if you can stand to stay to the end.

I've seen politicians accuse others and deny they did what it is they decry. I don't recall anyone doing A and castigating B, then doing B and denying A within the space of twenty four hours. Repeatedly. For weeks on end, bald-faced and breathtaking, like McCain and his handlers.

Insanity is the kindest explanation.

Update: Of course, Jon Stewart says it much better.


  1. These specific tactics and strategies were explaineid in Rick Perlstain's Nixonland and Paul Alexander's Machiavelle's Shadow: The Rise and Fall of Karl Rove.

    These people are domestic enemies because what they do is dishonest and is intended to cause people to be uninformed and to vote against their own interests. It is the epitome of unconstitutionality.

    It's based on power, control, authoritarianism and hate - the four values of the Republican party.

  2. Mea culpa: typos!

    Rick Perlstein explained in his book, Nixonland (link goes to his website)

    Paul Alexander wrote Machiavelli's Shadow: The Rise and Fall of Karl Rove. Scott Horton also posed six essential questions to Alexander about the book's content. (link to an excerpt on

    I hope I found and corrected them all - so sorry.

  3. I am glad to say that in the UK, much of the media coverage of Sarah Palin has described a sense of horror at her policies. She frightens the hell out of me!


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